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About Us


What We Do

Everyone wants to help those experiencing some type of hardship. The needs are so great that it can feel overwhelming knowing where to begin. Everyone Deserves exists as the starting point for helping those in need. Through purposeful party celebrations for each project we take on and by inviting individuals of all walks of life to participate, together we can help meet tangible needs in the ways we would want someone to care for us. 

We are not your usual financial donation based foundation. Through years of our project parties, we have found that when our attendees personally shop for the recipient of the gift as they would want someone to shop for them, knowing that their gift is going directly to someone in need, the shopping experience becomes transformational and the need of the recipient is overwhelmingly filled. We absolutely appreciate and accept financial donations, we primarily focus on individuals participating in the shopping process.

Our Process


1. We research to find groups of deserving individuals

2. We create a campaign to help meet a practical need

3. We plan a party to bring people together of all walks of life

4. We promote the campaign and invite guests to personally shop for the need, bringing their gifts to the party

5. We sit back and watch God touch lives through the gifts brought to the party

Where We Are Located


We are based in Medford, Oregon.

Mission Statement


Everyone Deserves exists as a starting point for showing the love of God while helping those in need in tangible ways on a local, national, and global scale through purposeful party celebrations.

It All Started With A Bag


In 2011, founder Becca was attending Southern Oregon University when she dreamt up a little party to help benefit some women in need. In order to learn the various persuasion techniques in her Persuasion & Communication class, her professor assigned the students a project - find a good cause agency, figure out their "need" and develop a persuasion campaign to meet that "need". Becca selected the Gospel Mission Women's Shelter in Medford, OR and named her campaign, "Every Woman Deserves Christmas". With no requirement to actually take the campaign out of the classroom, Becca stepped out in faith and asked God to bring it to life. 

From then on, from 2011 to 2019, with the support of her family, she hosted the Christmas party "Every Woman Deserves Christmas" where women around Southern Oregon were invited to fill a Christmas gift bag with gifts from a wishlist, as well as gifts they themselves would enjoy receiving. Women of all backgrounds would gather together for one night every December to celebrate the Good News of Christmas and to experience God meeting the practical needs of each woman from the Women's Shelter. 

With the shelter being a short term overnight facility, we would not know who would attend the party to receive the gifts. The stories of how The Lord stepped in year after year to provide specifically to each woman would fill a bookshelf. Stories of a woman receiving a stuffed dog animal that looked exactly like her fur baby that had recently passed, the cook of the shelter receiving the pot holders she had been praying for in her favorite colors, the Christmas lapel pin collector who couldn't afford one that year but found one in some slippers in her bag... To stories of recipients running into attendees years later sharing how the party changed their life.

What started as a small college project, turned into a lifechanging experience for so many, which then expanded and grew into the Everyone Deserves Foundation.

To Professor Alena Ruggiero, 

There are no words to thank you for challenging and encouraging me to help others by simply starting. So many lives have been affected because of you. Only heaven holds the stories of all of the amazing moments that took place because of this project. Never stop inspiring ~ Becca

Our Team

Chris and Becca Buck

Founders - Becca & Chris Buck

Becca is a wedding and event planning specialist and the owner of Events With Becca, Inc. She loves to combine her love of celebrating life and designing parties to show the care of Jesus to others.

Chris is the manager of the family owned and operated storage unit facility Empire Lockers, LLC. He enjoys helping individuals through practical giving.

Pam & Barry Fronek

Everyone Deserves would not exist without the support of these two every step of the way. From the early days to now, they have poured their hearts into making sure every campaign is executed successfully.


Corey & Camrie Fronek

Corey and Camrie love serving the community and seeing the needs of others met. They enjoy working behind the scenes to ensure that functions, details, and technical elements are taken care of. 

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