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Justin, Jillian, Darla, Gracelyn, Jacob, & Faith

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1. Our reservation system is set up with "shopping type" software. Don't forget to "check out" to confirm the items you have reserved to shop for. Note - you are not purchasing the items through our site, just reserving the items.

2. Do not feel limited to purchasing items only found on the wishlists - we encourage you to shop as you would want someone to shop for you if you feel like doing additional shopping.

3. Please understand that by selecting items, you are agreeing to provide those for that individual. If something changes and you can no longer purchase the selected item(s), please contact us so that we can make it available for someone else.


This precious family has space to store any gifts they may receive. Below are some electronics they lost, as well as some restaurants they enjoy eating at.



Age: 33

Career: Photographer/Stay At Home Mom

Favorite Color: Darker Colors (Blues, Blacks, Greys)

Hobbies: Sewing, Photography, Hiking, Camping, Their Fur Babies (2 Dogs + 4 Cats)

Clothing Size: Tops - Large, Pants - 8/10

Shoe Size: 7

Favorite Clothing Store: Maurices, Faith Based Clothing

Dislikes: Girly Stuff, Purple & Pink



Age: 38

Career: Department Manager At Walmart

Favorite Color: Blues, Grey, Blacks

Hobbies: Cars, Drag Racing, Tools, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Guns, Muscle Cars

Clothing Size: Tops - M/L, Pants - 32x32 

Shoe Size: 12


Matriarch of the Family

Age: 56

Career: Micro Trains

Favorite Color: Darker Colors

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Spending Time With Grandkids

Clothing Size: Tops - 2xl (Long Tops Preferred), Pants - 16

Shoe Size: 8

Favorite Clothing Store: Walmart

Dislikes: Tight Fitting Clothes, Red & White Colors, Girly Stuff



Age: 4

Favorite Color: Pink, Blue, Purple

Favorite Things: Painting, Splashing In Puddles, Drawing, Outdoors, Princess Dress Up, Bike Riding, Glitter, Mermaids, Frozen/Anna & Elsa

Clothing Size: Tops & Pants - 4T/5T

Shoe Size: 9T

Favorite Clothing Store: Target Cat & Jack Brand)

Do Not Buy: Slime, Silly Putty, Gum



Age: 3

Favorite Color: All

Favorite Things: Climbing, Being Outside, Digging, Mickey Mouse, PJ Mask

Clothing Size: Tops & Pants - 5T

Shoe Size: 9T

Favorite Clothing Store: Target, Walmart

Do Not Buy: Balls (Dogs Will Chew)



Age: 15 Months

Favorite Color: All

Favorite Things: Hang With Siblings, Climbing, Digging, Outdoors, Baby Dolls

Clothing Size: Tops & Pants - 2T

Shoe Size: 5T

Favorite Clothing Store: Walmart, Target

Do Not Buy: Sticky or Gooey Items

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